What Our Clients Say

“I first contacted Resolution Development in 2009 about writing a custom piece of software that would allow my organization to register and track precipitants in our annual motorcycle poker run. The version 1.0 of the software served us extremely well for 5 years, cutting the average time we spent registering someone in half.  In 2014, I reached back out to Resolution to see if we could resolve some issues with our legacy equipment.

After several weeks of work by the team at Resolution a product was delivered that is light years beyond anything I could have dreamed of. The software is fast, simple to use, and incredibly reliable. Jeff and Leo’s team not only rewrote our old software, they implemented it on 3 Windows RT tablets as the QCIS backend server was running on a Windows 7 laptop. All four devices were communicating with each other over a wifi/3G data hotspot with zero problems. Everything worked perfectly out of the box. To top everything off, all of this hardware and software was being used on a street corner in the middle of a motorcycle rally that had an estimated 400,000 people in attendance. Our final rider tally for this year (2014) was 593 entrants and 802 hands played. This has been the best year of our contest in 13 years. I have no doubt it was in a large part due to the work Resolution Development did for my organization.

We are not the biggest client Resolution has; however, I will go on record to say we will be the most loyal client they will ever have.”
—David Welch, Treasurer and IT Manager, IAFF Local 2866, Fayetteville, Arkansas


“We are building an instrument that rapidly and cost-effectively sequences DNA by fluorescently labeled nucleotide synthesis. When we decided we needed faster optical measurements, we turned to Resolution Development. They redesigned our optical system so that measurements were twice as fast and the new module could plug and play into the original instrument. Throughout the process, the people at Resolution Development were terrific partners. They have great technical knowledge and a good mix of talented engineers. They interfaced closely with our technical people and kept us up to speed on progress, scheduling and pricing.”
—Dr. Steve Gordon, CEO, Intelligent Bio Systems, Inc.

“We are making a novel automated robotic diagnostic platform that counts molecules and cells in order to rapidly and inexpensively detect the microbes that cause hospital infections including MRSA, C. difficile and others. Resolution Development designed the architecture of the automated  analyzer. They are also creating the final design and doing the verification and product development for the commercial analyzer. The people at Resolution have tremendous integrity and loyalty to their clients, as well as superb technical skills and judgment. They also have extensive experience in developing complex robotics and imaging systems for the highly-regulated medical instrumentation market.”
—Don Straus, CEO, First Light Biosciences

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