Product Development Projects

device_to_marketHospital Infection Lab Analyzer
• Fluorescent imaging
• Custom analog and digital design (DSP and FPGA)
• Design mechanical and electrical systems
• Custom motion system (10 axis of motion)
• Custom mechanisms
• Custom optics
• Circuit board layout and design

Video Endoscope
• Integrated camera and lighting systems
• Custom electronics
• Firmware
• Custom imaging solution
• System and mechanical design
• Custom data management software
• Circuit board layout and design

3D Reconstruction of Ear Canal Device
• Custom electronics for low light fluorescent imaging
• High speed dual imaging (GigE with Aptina Sensors)
• Mechanism development
• Custom lighting and optics
• FPGA (Xilnix Spartan 6) and firmware
• Plastics design

everything_proddevAblation Device
• High power RF circuit design
• Firmware development
• FPGA software development (Xilnix Spartan 3)
• Circuit board design and layout
• Complete regulatory package for FDA approval in USA and Asia PAC

Pharmaceutical Production Line QC Equipment
• Integration of track and trace solutions
• Development of custom 21 CFR Pat 11 data management solutions
• Integration of linescan, barcode, lasers and machine vision solutions

Integrated Vision and Image Processing Solutions
• Vision and image processing solution for inventory management of hospital floor cabinets
• Custom surveillance image and image processing product solutions (OmniVision Sensor and Blackfin Processor)
• Custom imaging and processing solution for energy saving applications
• Custom image processing solutions for high-speed medical device manufacturing

Fluorescent based DNA Sequencer
• Developed motion system
• Custom optics and lighting