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Resolution Sponsors Start Hack 2017 Participant

Coding and prototyping marathon features talented tech students from all over the world.

Resolution Development Services Inc., a leading provider of product development services to the medical, life science and consumer markets, has announced support of a member of the Resolution team at the 2017 Start Hack competition in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Start Hack includes international companies that bring coding challenges for students to accomplish in 36 hours. Participants from all over the world are broken into teams, select a company’s challenge, and perform the work which is judged and scored.pexels-photo-270360

The challenges included tasks such as:

  • A less complex version of the Turing test where a transportation bureau wanted a bot their customers could use via voice to get bus schedules and local business information without knowing it was a bot.
  • Taking privacy to a whole new level by providing a view of sensitive information from anywhere, while ensuring privacy. After encrypting the user’s information, the challenge required a laptop screen to continuously stream to their holographic computer data where programmers ensured only the holographic computer could access it.
  •  Experiment with a new form of dating where users listen to another user’s voice and rate them.

Other challenges were broader in requirements.

  • Two companies paired together and asked their participants what could they do with the company’s technology.
  • Another business wanted to see what innovative idea could be implemented to  intensify the user gaming experience.

For the students, the goal of the hackathon was to amaze the judges with just 36hrs to work.

Sophia Carayannopoulos, a staff member sponsored by Resolution Development, and her team took on the privacy challenge. The team ran into several learning opportunities. First there was live streaming from the laptop to the holographic computer. After that, ensuring data encryption was a challenge new to the team.

While Sophia’s team did not win the challenge, each member gained a better understanding of AWS S3 buckets, private-public key pairs, and data encapsulation. When trying to get holographic images to appear the team worked with Unity, a tool not typically used at local schools.

“The Hackathon was one of the best experiences I have ever had.”, said Ms. Carayannopoulos. “I rarely get to be in a room with so many motivated and innovative individuals.”

“Finding innovative ways to use technology is at the core of what Resolution Development Services does”, said Leo Carayannopoulos, CEO of Resolution. “We were proud to sponsor Sophia at an event that allows young technologists to test their creativity and skill.”

To learn more about Start Hack, visit http://live.starthack.ch/.

About Resolution Development Services:

With offices just outside of Boston, Resolution Development Services provides best in class hardware, software, mechanical, machine vision, and systems engineering outsourced services to clients in the United States, Canada, and Asia. Our regulatory compliant quality system makes Resolution the best choice for complex development programs.

To learn more about Resolution Development Services offerings, our charitable giving, and other partnerships , visit www.resolutiondev.com.

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