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5 Signs That Your Contract Manufacturer-Run Development Project Will Miss Deadlines

For companies that use outsourced product development, many will choose a contract manufacturer to perform the work.  While contract manufacturers are excellent when it comes to the manufacture of a final product, they will often struggle in the development phase, particularly for complex, medical device development projects.

If you are using a contract manufacturer for your outsourced product development project, watch for these 5 signs that likely mean your project is going to go over-time, over budget, and the final product won’t work.period-481478_640

  1. Lack of understanding of the complexities of the technology.  If you have found that, during technical meetings, the team is nodding in understanding, but their deliverables illustrate a clear lack of understanding, it is likely that the project will be delayed.
  2. R&D resources are sub-contracted.  If you are attending meetings that include new members of the team with business cards that don’t match your partner’s, this means that the project’s complexity has driven the contract manufacturer to sub out the work.  This could get risky after the project, when you still need access to that subject matter expertise.
  3. Lack of understanding of the core tenants of Program Management.  Running a product development program is about managing the tradeoffs between technical, marketing and business requirements and identifying those tradeoffs in a timely manner so you can make the best decisions for your business. If you are not having these conversations with your partner, you can expect a harder conversation at the end of the project.
  4. Milestones are missed.  If, even at the earliest part of the project, commitment days and deliverables are being missed, this should be a red flag that the partner may not be able to deliver in the timeframe promised.
  5. The business model and interactions don’t match.  If the deliverables lack a level of quality or attention to detail that was expected, this could indicate that the development partner’s focus is less on the project and more on billing for the project.

If you feel that your current outsourcing partner lacks the capability to complete your project, then call us. Resolution, over the last 8 years, has taken broken programs from contract manufacturers and industrial design firms, corrected the issues, and transferred them back to a CM for successful manufacturing. Visit our website to learn how Resolution can make your program a success.

- Leo Carayannopoulos

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